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From Athearn Genesis is the  Rio Grande #3800.  This is the Challenger
4-6-6-4 in HO Scale.  The name "Challenger" was given to steam
locomotives with a 4-6-6-4 wheel arrangement.  This means that they have
four wheels in the leading "pilot" truck which helps guide the
locomotive into curves; two sets of six "driving" wheels, and finally,
four "trailing" wheels, which support the rear of the engine and its
massive firebox. Each set of driving wheels has its own steam cylinder,
resulting in two engines under one boiler.  The Athearn Genesis
Challenger is DCC with Tsunami Sound, the boiler backhead has full
details and printed gauges, headlights and tender lighting feature
directional light change and it will handle a minimum of a 22" radius.

Reg. Price:  $599.98

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